Surah Quraish with Translation In Urdu-Hindi-English

Surah of the Quraish Tribe

Surah Quraish is a short surah of the Holy Quran. This is the 106th surah. Which consists of only four verses. Surah is a Meccan. It was revealed when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was living in Makkah.

You can read surah quraish translation in Urdu, The main theme of this surah is to thank Allah for His protection and His blessings. It begins by reminding the tribe of Quraish of the numerous blessings bestowed by Allah Almighty.

They are given security and prosperity, and they are allowed to travel safely for trade in summer and winter, mentions. It is a symbol of the oneness of Allah and the equality of all believers. The purpose of the revelation of this surah is very important.

Surah Quraish Arabic

Surah Quraish Arabic

Audio of Surah

Surah Quraish In English 

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

1. For the uniting of the Quraysh,

2. Their uniting for the winter and summer journeys.

3. So let them worship the Lord of this House,

4. Who has fed them against hunger and secured them from fear?

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Surah Quraish In Urdu

Surah With Urdu Translation. Lilafi in Urdu for you, so you can understand the meaning easily.

قریش کے اتحاد کے لیے، ان کے سردیوں اور گرمیوں کے سفر کے لیے۔ پس وہ اس گھر کے رب کی عبادت کریں۔ جس نے انہیں بھوک سے کھلایا اور خوف سے محفوظ رکھا۔

Surah Quraish In Hindi 

Lilafi surah in Hindi so that the people who understand Hindi can recite this surah too.

कुरैश के एकीकरण के लिए, उनकी सर्दी और गर्मी की यात्रा के लिए।, तो उन्हें इस घर के स्वामी की पूजा करने दो।,  जिसने उन्हें भूख से खिलाया और डर से सुरक्षित रखा।

Surah In Roman English 

Li ilaafi qurayshin. Iylaafihim rihlata ash-shitaa wa as-sayf. Falya’budu rabba hadha al-bayt. Alladhi at’amahum min ju’in wa amanahum min khawf.

Surah Quraish

Order of Action of Surah Quraish 

You can recite surah qurasih at any time. However for specific benefits read by following this method. If you don’t get a ride, if you have travel difficulties, if your car breaks down, if your mobile phone, motor, fridge, or any machine is broken, or if you have a problem, then recite this Surah 41 times with Tasmiya first and last three times with Durood Ibrahimi would solve the problems. 

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Surah Benefits

There are many benefits of Surah Al Quraish. Some of them are as follows.

  • If a pregnant woman recites one tasbih morning and evening from beginning to end, delivery will be easy, recitation 101 times on a home ration will be blessed and never lack. 
  • Diseases and problems will be removed from home forever. 
  • There will be peace, happiness, blessings, and prosperity in life. Success will be determined by always making a round of morning and evening tasbih, the person who recites it once after eating will not become sick.
  • Rather, this food will cure diseases. By reciting it twice, the table will always be good and full, he who recites it thrice will never run out of sustenance in his generation.
  • Sustenance will not end.

Surah Quraish Pdf


Why was surah quraish revealed?

This surah was revealed to the tribe of Quraysh to remind them of the blessings given by Allah and to encourage them to perform acts of worship.

What is the meaning of surah Quraish?

This was revealed to the tribe of Quraish. Allah had blessed the tribe of Quraish with many blessings. Despite this, they used to disobey Allah. Due to this, this surah was revealed.

Purpose of this Surah?

This Surah is a reminder to all Muslims around the world to be thankful for Allah’s blessings and to worship Him alone.


The end of Surah Quraish talks about how Allah took care of the Quraysh tribe, keeping them safe and providing for them during their travels. It reminds people to be thankful to Allah for all He provides.

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