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Surah Al Kahf

Surah al Kahf is the 18th Surah of the Quran and it tells the story of the believers in ancient times who when received the message of Truth accepted it. However, they were to face retaliation from the society they lived in and hence they fled from the city and found protection in a cave where Allah Almighty gave them sleep that lasted for centuries and till then their whole city had converted into believers. 

This Surah gives the message that those who believe in Allah and ask for protection from Him, He gives them the best protection the likes of which the world has never seen. Besides this illuminating message, the Surah also comes with a variety of virtues as described in the hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The lines below discuss those virtues. The Surah Kahf’s Last 10 Verses are given below.

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What Lesson is in Surah Kahf

The lesson to learn from this story is that Allah Almighty puts the faith of a person to trial. When Allah Almighty puts the faith to trial and when a believer is steadfast in his or her faith, then Allah assists them in ways that are beyond comprehension. Moreover, the story also gives the lesson that a Muslim must always remain in the company of people who are good and righteous. 

The men of the cave were all righteous, thus, their being together is one of the factors that attracted the mercy and assistance of Allah Almighty. Thus, a Muslim should be steadfast in his or her faith and remain in the company of good people.

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Why Surah Kahf Revealed 

The first story that is mentioned in the Surah is the story of the men of the cave. They were the people who were believers and lived in a country of non-believers. Thus, when they notice that people will threaten their lives because of their faith, they leave the city and go to a cave for the sake of Allah and their faith. 

Thus, there Allah Almighty bestowed sleep over them, and when they woke up from their sleep, by that time all the people of their city had become believers. This story shows that when a person puts his or her belief in Allah Almighty, He always comes to their rescue and helps them in easing their difficulties.

Benefits of Reciting Surah al Kahf 

Abu al Darda’ reported the prophet (PBUH) as saying: ” If anyone memorizes ten verses from the beginning of this surah, he will be protected from the trial of Dajjal (Antichrist). Abu Dawud said: In this way Hashim al-data I transmitted it from Qatadah, but he said ” If anyone memorizes the closing verses of surah al-Kahf. ” Shu’ bah narrated from Qatadah the words ” from the end of al-Kahf. “

Reference: Sunan Abi Dawud 4323, In book reference (Book 39, Hadith 33), (Book 38, Hadith 4309)


What is the significance of Surah Kahf?

Abu Darda’ reported Allah’s Apostle (PBUH) as saying: ” If anyone learns by heart the first ten verses of the Surah al-Kahf, he will be protected from the Dajjal.”

How can I plan to read Surah Kahaf every Friday?

Reciting Surah Kahf on Friday has numerous benefits. A person who recites Surah on Friday. Allah gives light to his face, which lasts for the next two Fridays.

Why is it recommended to read Surah al Kahf on Fridays?

This Surah has many benefits. But reciting it specifically on Friday is to ask Allah for forgiveness for your sins. Allah will forgive all sins. Whoever recites Surah Al-Kahf on Friday. May Allah bless his house and protect him from poverty forever.


In short, this Surah is one of the renowned Surahs of the Quran. Besides the special rewards and benefits that come from its recitation, an understanding of its content can also help a Muslim extract valuable lessons that can help in shaping one’s life towards the path of righteousness.

The lesson to be learned from this story is that power is also a gift from Allah and to those whom He gives power; He tests them by doing so. Therefore, those who have power over and compared to others should use this power to do good make the lives of others easier, and fight evil as well.

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