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Mirror Dua

Prayer is an important weapon for Muslims. Mirror Dua is also an important prayer but its not comulsory. Which is done to seek God’s help and guidance in our daily life. All believers pray for the correctness and safety of their affairs. One of the common prayers is the prayer of looking in the mirror. Which is often read by people while looking in the mirror.

Dua has so many benefits. However, it is said that prayer helps us to seek guidance and protection from God. Dua to look in the mirror is often recited while looking in the mirror after waking up in the morning or while looking in the mirror while performing ablution before prayer. It is recited for God’s guidance and protection. This is a very simple but strong and powerful method.

Mirror Dua Arabic

اللَّهُمَّ أَنْتَ حَسَّنْتَ خَلْقِي فَحَسِّنْ خُلُقِي

Mirror Dua In Roman English

Allahumma anta hassanta khalqi fahassin khuluqi

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English Translation of Mirror Dua

“O Allah, just as you have made my external features beautiful, make my character beautiful as well”

Urdu Translation Of Mirror Dua

اردو ترجمہ: اے ﷲ تو نے میری شکل اچھی بنائی ہے پس تو میرے اخلاق کو بھی اچھا کردے

Try posting it on the mirror that way it becomes a habit.

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Alternative Dua 

You can also Just read.

“In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Mirror Dua


Can the dua for looking in the mirror be recited in any language?

Yes, you can recite the mirror prayer in any language. In particular, the purpose of reciting dua is to seek guidance from Allah. You can easily read it in your mother tongue, so it is better to read it easily.

Is the dua for looking in the mirror different for men and women?

No, there are no separate prayers for men and women. You can memorize a single prayer. There is only one prayer for both.

Can the dua for looking in the mirror be recited at any time of day?

This dua is usually done in the morning when we look in the mirror for the first time. It is read at that time. However, now you can read it at any time. If you are repeatedly looking at the mirror, and reciting this dua. So this dua will bring blessing and protection for you. So you can read this dua again and again.


In conclusion, the dua for looking in the mirror is a simple yet powerful prayer that helps Muslims cultivate self-awareness and self-reflection, and seek guidance and protection from God. This dua is typically recited upon waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror for the first time, or upon performing the ritual ablution before prayer. 

Reciting this dua can help one start their day off on the right foot by asking for God’s blessings and guidance, and seeking refuge from the challenges and difficulties that may come their way. By making this dua a regular part of their daily routine, Muslims can build a stronger connection with God and seek His guidance and protection throughout the day.

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