Darood Tunajeena With Benefits and Blessings

Darood Tunajeena 

Darood Tunajeena is the blessed Durood that relieves all kinds of hardships and sufferings. This Durood Sharif is also called Tanji. His virtues are immense. And the elders of the religion have been tried again and again and take benefits from this darood. 

Mr. Ghous-ul-Azam, may Allah have mercy on him, said that a person was caught in a very difficult situation. He performed ablution and started reciting this Durood Sharif, so his difficulty became easy very soon.By the grace of Allah Almighty, even his most difficult difficulties will be solved. 

Darood Tunajeena Arabic

Darood Tunajeena 
Darood Tunajeena 

How to Recite Darood Tunajeena?

Read the Darood 313 Times at any specific time so that you can get specific benefits from it.

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The Virtues Of Durood Tanjeena 

There is a story told by Sheikh Musa that our caravan is travelling in a boat. He was traveling in a boat. The ship crashed in a huge storm. It started giving such a gulf that the ship will sink in a few moments. And all the people of this family will die. Shaykh Musa says that I was overcome by this knowledge of the fugitive and I became drowsy. 

In this state, I saw the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) came and recited Durood-e-Pak 1000 times. After performing ablution we started reading this Durood called Tanjena. I had just recited it three hundred times when the force of the storm began to break and in a short time the sky became clear and the sea calm. 

If the ablution is performed, God willing, the goal will be achieved within forty days. Read it at a sepecfic times daily to get rid of trouble, trouble and danger, get rid of any pain or illness. He said:I read frequently, prescribes this Darood too.

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What is Darood Tunajjina?

Darood Tunajjina is a prayer recited by Muslims to seek blessings and mercy from Allah for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

What does “Tunajjina” mean?

“Tunajjina” means “to deliver” or “to save” in Arabic. The prayer seeks deliverance, protection, and blessings through the intercession of Prophet Muhammad.

Are there benefits to reciting Darood Tunajjina?

Many Muslims believe that reciting Darood Tunajjina brings spiritual benefits, including blessings, protection, and mercy from Allah.

How is Darood Tunajjina recited?

Darood Tunajjina is recited in Arabic, consisting of praising phrases and blessings upon Prophet Muhammad. It can be recited individually or collectively.

When should Darood Tunajjina be recited?

There are no specific times, but some recite it after daily prayers or during special occasions like gatherings or times of need.


In conclusion, Darood Tunajjina holds special significance for Muslims, offering a way to seek blessings and mercy from Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Many believe that reciting this prayer brings spiritual benefits, including protection and divine favor.

Its simple yet powerful words provide comfort and strength to believers, fostering a deeper connection with Allah. Whether recited alone or with others, Darood Tunajjina remains a cherished practice within the Islamic tradition, guiding individuals on their spiritual journey.

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