Now Just Open the Holy Quran to fulfill all your Wishes With Wazaif

Now Just Open the Holy Quran to fulfill all your Wishes With Wazaif

Solution of all problems with Quranic Wazaif

Dear Hazrat Hakeem Sahib Aoa, I am from Faisalabad. I have been associated with Ubqari Quran Wazaif for nine years. Since I started reading Ubqari magazine, my days and nights have been calmer.

There was a shadow of trouble at our house. Every time we were greeted with big trouble, she was truly humbled by life. Then I got the Ubqari magazine and learned about your teachings from it.

Blessings of Quranic Wazaif

Then, the blessings of reading the magazine and listening to the teachings started. The first blessing we got was the Quran. We had a lot of problems at home.

This problem was such that it seemed impossible for everyone. That could never be resolved; my children are very worried, and often, we cannot sleep all night.

Qurani Wazaifa

نستَغفِرَكَ وَنَتُوبُ اليك

You told the practice in the lesson that after opening the Holy Quran, you should read it continuously while running your finger over it. Despite all these problems, I have never opened the Holy Quran and seen it.

Qurani Wazaifa

When I opened the Quran and started this process, I felt tears welling up in my eyes for the first time.

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Effect of the Holy Quran

The Quran is telling me something. I have written a book to follow it, I pick up the Qur’an, kiss it, and do it.

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I am thankful to Allah that the impossible task was really a mountain. Allah made it so easy for me and my children to get out of this problem. May Allah bless you a lot.

Thanking Allah Almighty for His Blessing

May your shadow always be upon us. After this process, Allah Almighty also gave me the happiness of Umrah. Seeing the house of Allah, Tasbih Khana, self-composed prayers for Risala Ubqari came out for you. May Allah keep it always happy. Amen.

Thanks be to Allah Almighty that every family member reads the Holy Quran every day, even if one reads only one page, he opens the Quran and kisses it.


Publish this Quran Wazaif article of mine and tell the readers about my experience. If you start reading the Quran daily, your problems will be over.

Allah did not give us the Quran to decorate our house. Rather, it is meant to be read and followed daily. Make a promise to yourself from today. Now, I will recite the Holy Quran at least once every day.

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